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Robot cleaner repair

Robot cleaner repair

Recovery of the vacuum cleaner after hit of moisture

Vacuum cleaner robot diagnostics

Battery replacement (error 12)

Suction fan (turbine) replacement (error 18)

Front Bumper Sensor Replacement (Error 2)

Floor sensor replacement (error 4)

Wheel replacement (error 7)

Laser Rangefinder Replacement (Error 1)

Motherboard replacement

Side brush drive and gearbox replacement (error 6)

Main shaft drive and gearbox replacement (error 5)

Lidar drive replacement (error 1)

Component repair of the motherboard (complex soldering)

Software repairs (firmware, Russification)

Preventive cleaning of all vacuum cleaner components (every 6-12 months)

Base Station Repair After Short Circuit

Troubleshooting Charging Problems (Error 13)

Local delivery in Kyiv
Local delivery in Kyiv
Postal delivery
Postal delivery