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Laptop repair

Laptop repair

Where to repair a laptop in Kyiv?

Turning to the laptop repair service center in Obolon and Lesnoy massif - TGC, be sure that your device will be repaired by highly qualified specialists, laptop repair engineers. We provide the following laptop repair services in Kyiv:

  • replacement of screens, matrices, displays, sensors;
  • repair or replacement of the motherboard;
  • restoring a laptop after a fall and / or impact;
  • laptop repair after other service centers;
  • laptop repair after moisture ingress, short circuit;
  • replacement of the power connector/socket and other connectors.

Laptop repair Kyiv

Why does the laptop "slow down" and is it possible to improve the performance of the laptop?  In addition to laptop repair, we provide our customers with the opportunity to upgrade the laptop. If the laptop turns off on its own or starts to “fail” during use: most likely the laptop needs to be cleaned from dust and / or the hard drive needs to be replaced. These and other reasons for the "braking" of the laptop, our engineers will determine during the diagnosis. 

We also provide urgent laptop repair and some other laptop restoration services, namely: 

  • removal of dust and debris from the cooler and radiator; 
  • replacement of thermal paste and thermal pads in the cooling system; 
  • removal of dust under the keyboard; 
  • recovery, BIOS firmware; 
  • laptop keyboard replacement and repair; 
  • removal of consequences and traces of liquid ingress; 
  • hard drive replacement; 
  • increasing the amount of RAM in the laptop; 
  • laptop matrix replacement; 
  • laptop display repair 
  • laptop touch screen replacement 

TGC service center engineers repair the laptop motherboard, video card and laptop cooling system, replace and / or repair the power supply, replace the keyboard or hard drive. If you did not find what you are interested in, please contact our phone managers listed in the header of the site or on the Contacts page.

Laptop repair

Notebook (eng. Notebook - notepad, notepad PC, notebook) - a mobile personal computer, in the case of which standard PC components are combined (in non-standard sizes), includes a display (matrix), a keyboard and a pointing device (usually a touch panel , point stick or touchpad), motherboard, I/O cards, floppy drive, card reader, hard drive, video card (built into the motherboard or as a separate module), and batteries. Laptops are small in size and weight, the battery life (battery life) of laptops usually ranges from 1 to 7 hours (there are models that can work many times more). It is difficult to imagine a modern person who does not know what a laptop is. The engineers of our laptop repair service center have been working in this field for more than 10 years.  Therefore, we know how to repair a laptop in Kyiv!

Service repair of laptops

Today, laptops, like smartphones, are often the main working tool both at home and at work. It is because of its mobility that the laptop most often breaks down. Laptops break down and the reasons for their breakdowns are often household and even funny. The most common failure is when a laptop stops working due to spilled coffee, tea or beer =). Sometimes laptop users, not noticing that he is lying on a chair, simply sit on him or accidentally throw him off the edge of the table. If you use a laptop for work or study, you need to know where you can quickly and efficiently repair a laptop in Obolon, Minsk metro station in Kyiv. Here is a list of the most frequent laptop repair calls to a service center:

  • usb port repair
  • laptop screen repair
  • backlight replacement
  • laptop keyboard repair (usually after flooding)
  • electronics repair
  • laptop screen replacement

Most calls are received for laptop repair, apple, acer, sony, samsung,  hp laptop repair  is also not far behind, the problem with a laptop of these brands is not that they are not reliable, but that they are popular. In laptop repair, in the first place: replacing the matrix of an hp, samsung and lenovo laptop, replacing an acer inverter, replacing a toshiba laptop matrix a little less often, and repairing an apple keyboard.

Laptop Repair Center

In the laptop repair service center, work related to the repair of laptops is carried out in the shortest possible time. We do not brag but we have partnerships with representatives and suppliers of such giant companies as IBM, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, Samsung, Sony, Apple and many others. Therefore, we can quickly and easily obtain all spare parts, modules and components. 

Certified employees of the TGC service center perform even the most complex repairs in the shortest possible time. The number of our clients, including electronics stores in Kyiv, allows us to reduce the cost of repairs in each individual case. And most importantly, do not repair laptops on your own and do not trust dubious specialists, you risk getting problems and material losses. 

We are often approached by customers who have repaired their equipment in a stall near the metro, usually we DO NOT repair such devices, since there is “no living place” under the case after their repairs. And so: you call or come to our office, after a free consultation, you hand over a laptop for diagnostics and specialists get it to work. 

Based on the results of the diagnostics, an engineer calls you, informs you of the details and the possibility of urgent repairs, you decide to repair or buy a new one, since sometimes the cost of repairing a laptop can be high. After approval, the engineer immediately proceeds to repair your laptop. Laptops  that need to be repaired should be taken to a TGC service center immediately.

Laptop repair , or buying new equipment?

Laptops today are equipment whose mobility and capabilities are especially valued in the modern world. And it is especially disappointing when, at the most crucial moment, this equipment fails. Laptops  that have not been repaired on time can fail in situations where the necessary documents are especially needed. Agree, not being able to take advantage of a job or project that has been done on a laptop for a long time is more than annoying. That is why laptops require timely, high-quality and, in most cases, prompt repairs. Such repairs can be easily performed by the TGC service center masters. 

Laptops repaired  by our organization serve their owners for a long period of time. We work with almost all known manufacturers of laptops today. Most often, laptop repair includes diagnostics performed by experienced specialists, a set of maintenance and cleaning of the fan, replacement and repair of connectors, power supplies, keyboard, screen or hard drive,  repair of the motherboard  and replacement of microcircuits, installation of software after repair work . 

Contact   our qualified technicians for laptop repair services, and you are guaranteed to receive laptop repair in accordance with all the rules and standards, and the repaired equipment will delight you with stable operation for a long time to come.

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